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I received three fake reviews about a few months back. I have no clue who they are from I’m guessing competition though. How do I remove the fake Google reviews?

Unfortunately, I look at your profile and I believe it will be very difficult getting Google to remove those reviews. I would focus on getting more genuine reviews to overcome those ones and respond professionally to the negative reviews.

I show how to respond to negative reviews and get more Google Reviews in my Google (My) Business Profile Guide.

But you can still fight those fake reviews, I provide the methods to request Google Reviews removal in this article» 

 You will need enough data to prove these are fake reviews. Collect all information possible about the reviewers by going to their profiles:

  • If they are new accounts
  • If there is no profile photo
  • If they haven’t made any legitimate reviews before (You can see it in their profile)
  • If all these reviews came overnight 

Having said that, 4.6 stars is a great scoring! There are studies showing 5 stars is not the best average rating for businesses, as people are wary of fake 5 star reviews and the way you respond to negative reviews can win customers.  

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