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Our Google My Business Profile is still pending under review after entering the verification code. What can we do?

Some profiles/listings may need to be reviewed manually by Google and it may take a while for it to be reviewed by Google if they are in a backlog.

Normally, this happens because:

  • Your business category is considered prone to spam (e.g. locksmith, Garage Doors businesses) or an issue for public safety (e.g. Drug Rehabilitation centers)
  • Your business name is suspicious with keyword stuffing (e.g. business name with the category and/or city name)
  • Your business address is suspicious
  • Your business type is normally a service area business and you didn’t hide your address or normally operates from a physical location and you have hidden the address

How to remove a Google My Business Listing from Pending status after verification

Only Google can remove this status from your profile, if it’s still pending after 1 week you should contact Google Business Profile Support, check here how.

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