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My business is thinking of moving to a new location and change the name and business timings and do a whole overhaul basically. If we do all these changes, will we lose our reviews?

If you are doing all these changes: “moving to a new location and change the business name and business timings and do a whole overhaul”.

You may not be able to keep the reviews, however, if you open a new profile, the reviews will stay with the old listing, and profile is not generally deleted from Google after it has been permanently closed.

Google Statement:
“If your business moves from one location to another and keeps the same business name, Google will generally move the reviews to the new location.

If you decide to not change the business name, you don’t need to create a new listing and just change the business address.

However, if you already went ahead and created a new listing, you should check this article How to mark an old listing as moved and transfer reviews.

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