Business Owners with difficulty to verify the business listing: “Your business info currently has errors” – How To Solve (Open GMB Issue)

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Business Owners with difficulty to verify the business listing: “Your business info currently has errors” – How To Solve (Open GMB Issue)

Many business owners are complaining about this issue, in which, they are not able to verify their business profile due to information errors.

Along these lines:” I’ve received the verification code through post. But when I try to enter the verification code, it says: To verify your listing, update your business info. Your business info currently has errors. To be able to verify your listing, take a few minutes to correct it. I can’t see what’s the error. Kindly help me.

Example of the notice in the GMB Dashboard:

Before you try the solutions below, just know that I troubleshot successfully many listings with this issue:

Updated 2021October 04

First I will start with the good news, around 90% of the listings with this issue have their listing live on Google Maps and Search and it’s verified!… Just search for you business.

However, you need to remove this error so your listing is not suspended and you can make changes, post, etc.


After troubleshooting many listings, I discovered that most listings have issues that are causing this error.

First try this workaround:

Moving the pin marker just slightly and see if that clears the error, note this may trigger a re-verification, follow these steps.

Didn’t clear the error or you have hidden your address:

1 – In most profiles, the issue was the business information on your profile. Make sure it complies with Google My Business guidelines, these are the issues I am seeing:

  • Business name with keyword stuffing (Business Category, Location, City, etc).
    • Solution: Remove the keywords
  • The business address is a Private Residence / Share Office/ Po Box and Google does not allow it. – Most listings have this issue
    • Solution: Clear the Address and add Service areas
  • Choosing the wrong categories.
    • Solution: Add only category(ies) closely related to your business, remove the rest.
  • Online-only Businesses.
    • Solution: unfortunately not eligible to have a GMB profile

Please check your listing for the above issues, apply changes and wait up to 72h. Sometimes these changes may require a new verification card.

2 – A few listings already have a live listing on the same address or with a similar business name on that location, so Google is not allowing another profile. Check my guide to find duplicates, and you will need to claim that listing instead.

After you make the changes (and verify it again if you are required to do so) and your listing still has the same error, you should contact Google My Business Support

We are monitoring the situation on the forum and it can either be a bug on Google My Business or Google released some spam protection improvement.

I will keep you updated.

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