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Businesses can’t remove Google Business Pofile Covid Posts

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Businesses can’t remove Google Business Pofile Covid Posts

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Some Business owners are experiencing problems in removing the Covid-19 posts, one of the users said:

“I am trying to remove covid support post from Google my business.

I have posted a Covid-19 post, but I don’t see it in GMB. I see this in the SERP but I want to delete the post. Since I can’t find it in GMB I can’t delete the post.

I have checked profile login -> post but nothing is there and this is not third party link as well.

Can someone please suggest how do I remove it?”

This is a known issue to Google and they’re working on resolving it.

For updated information on these issues, solutions and notifications when issues are resolved you should look at GBPedia.

I created special Resources for Google Business Profile (GBPedia):

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