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Google Business Profile Insights/Performance Data Issues

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Google Business Profile Insights/Performance Data Issues

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On this page you will find issues (missing data, wrong data, etc) related to Google Business Profile Insights/Performance Metrics Data, which unfortunately, happens more often than we would wish for.

You can check other Google Business Profile issues and, for more updates on issues and possible workarounds, check my GBPedia.

Open Google Business Profile Insights/Performance Data Issues

Google Business Profile Missing Insights on 2021 November 7-14

This insights data issue appears to impact only a few users

Resolved Google Business Profile Insights/Performance Data Issues

Google My Business Activity “Photo Views” Issue

Some users are reporting an issue with the volume of views showing on “Photo views“. You find this metric in the activity section on the Home dashboard of your Google My Business Account.

Users are reporting seeing over a million views and growth of over 1000%.

This issue is a glitch and has been reported to Google.

As always I will keep you updated.

26 January 2021 – Solved

Google My Business missing Insights from December 27-28

Many users are reporting that the insights data for the 27th and 28th of December is missing.

I just randomly checked a few listings I manage and they seem ok. So it could mean this is a limited issue.

Google was alerted and I am waiting for their response. As ever, I will keep you updated with this issue.

2021 January 20 – It seems to be resolved

Photo Data Issue In September 2020

Photos data issues across all Google My Business listings in many categories and countries.

When you go to “Insights” to check the Photos data (Photo views and Photo quantity) you will see either blank with the message “Not enough data for selected time period” or you will see a drop in views to 0 from the beginning of September.

Hopefully, this will issue will be sorted soon and all data comes back to the profiles from the 1st of September.

Update 01 Oct 2020: It’s solved. The Last week of September Data may not be complete but should be in the next few days.

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