Google My Business Listings “Wait Times” For Restaurants Wrong Info (Resolved)

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Google My Business Listings “Wait Times” For Restaurants Wrong Info (Resolved)

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Google My Business Listings “Wait Times” are providing wrong information, this issue has been raised to Google as you can see in this Google My Business Help Community Forum. SOLVED, check the end of the article.

An example of the issue:

Just a few of the comments from business owners:

Google initial response: “Google Maps’ popular times algorithms have long been able to identify busyness patterns for a place. With social distancing measures established and businesses adjusting hours or even closing temporarily due to COVID-19, our historical data was no longer as reliable in predicting what current conditions would be. To make our systems more nimble, we began favoring more recent data from the previous four to six weeks to quickly adapt to changing patterns for popular times and live busyness information–with plans to bring a similar approach to other features like wait times soon.

Solved 26th Oct 20: Google appears to have fixed this issue with wait times. I checked some listings and they seem ok now. Users are reporting fix in the GMB forum:

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