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Google My Business Users cannot delete Photos and Old Photos Reposted (Resolved)

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Google My Business Users cannot delete Photos and Old Photos Reposted (Resolved)

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Many users are complaining that in the past few days, there have been getting a 500 error or “Sorry, we couldn’t delete your photo try refreshing” and old photos are reappearing as well.

Several product experts have reported to Google about these issues. Google is working to resolve the issue.

Photos related issues are happening:

  • Past photos being reposted without permission, from deleted photos, posts photos and products’ photos just randomly being added back into photos section.
  • Photos posted by the owner cannot be deleted: “Sorry, we couldn’t delete your photo try refreshing”.
  • If you request to delete a photo posted by a user, you will receive a 500 error message.

2021 Feb 10- Appear this issue has been solved, but no official confirmation by Google.

I will keep you updated.

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