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Google My Business Public Profile Photos View Error (Open GMB Issue)

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Google My Business Public Profile Photos View Error (Open GMB Issue)

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There are 2 new Google Business Profile issues affecting the photos being viewed by users on the public profile.

What is happening? When you search for your business name on Google, it shows your public profile panel correctly on the right side of the screen but when you click the main picture to see the photos :

Not only you don’t see the photos, but you also get an error screen or a black screen:

Error Screen

“This page isn’t working

www.google.com redirected you too many times


Black Screen

Note, this has nothing to do with you or your efforts, it is happening to several users. You do not need to remove your images, hopefully, Google will solve the issue soon.

2021 November 23- Google didn’t confirm if it is a technical issue, but it is investigating.

As always, I will keep you informed of any updates.

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