Google Reviews New Scam – Pay to remove

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Google Reviews New Scam – Pay to remove

CBC investigation came across different types of issues with Google Reviews from buying fake good reviews (old news…) to a new type of scam, where a “Review Removal Company” contacts you shortly after you have received one or more bad reviews.

The screenshot below shows the typical email from such a company, shortly after a one-star review was posted.

Of course, the company offered to remove the review, for a fee. Reviews can only be removed from a page if Google removes it for violating their policies or the original poster deletes it.

Every professional knows how difficult it is for Google to remove reviews, but if the original poster deletes it… problem solved… for a fee of course…

In the above case, the “Review Management company” said they are not involved in such scam, so too much of a coincidence?

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