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“Write a review” and Review Summary not appearing on a Google My Business Profile (Resolved)

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“Write a review” and Review Summary not appearing on a Google My Business Profile (Resolved)

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This a “Known” issue with some Google My Business Profiles on Maps and Search not showing “Write a review” and Review Summary for Google reviews.

Below we have 2 images, both images are for the same category, day and local area.

On the first image, you can see the Review summary and the “Write a review” button after Popular times and Photos sections.

However, on the second image, we don’t find the “Review summary” section and the “Write a review” button anywhere, even though there is a review score with the number of reviews (third image).

Google will remove the “write a review’ feature from a Google My Business listing to prevent spam abuse, so you need to contact Google Support to reinstate the Review feature –contact Google My Business Support.

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