Changing Business Hours on Google Business Profile

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Changing Business Hours on Google Business Profile

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This guide will show an easy way to change your business operating hours on your Google Business Profile, with step by step screenshots.

“Hours” is a very important feature for local businesses, customers searching on Google for local businesses want to be informed with data they can trust, including accurate business hours. There is nothing worse than checking a business’ hours and planning a visit, only to find out it’s closed once you arrive…

There are 3 types of “Hours” feature:

  • Hours – normal operating hours, the regular customer-facing hours of operation for a typical week.
  • Holiday Hours – special hours for holidays and not normal closures, like training days, inspections, etc
  • More hours – selected hours for specific services

How to update your operating hours on Google

Having accurate hours of operation is important as you want customers to know when they can reach you and do business with you. Remember that incorrect or inaccurate information is a source of frustration for consumers so the last thing you want is to have customers showing up only to find that your Google Business Profile misled them and you aren’t actually open at 7.00pm.

The “Hours” are the regular customer-facing hours of operation for a typical week.

Change Business Hours on Google Instructions

  1. You need to be signed in to the Google Account you use for your Google Business Profile
  2. Find your Business Profile by searching on Google for the exact business name or write “my business” in the search field
  3. To update your Business Profile, select “Edit Profile”
  4. Select “Hours” (mobile and computer) or scroll down to hours section (computer)
  5. Next to “Hours” you will see a pencil, click on it (computer)
  6. Change or add the opening an closing times next to each day, mark closed if you are closed on that day of the week.
  7. When you have finished, press on save

Change Business Hours on Google Screenshots

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is business-name-google-search-update-google-my-business-profile.png
Search for your business name or “my business”
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is my-business-google-search-update-google-my-business-profile.png
Click on View profile
Click on Edit profile
Click on hours
Click on the Hours section
Hours Editor
Update the hours
When you have finished, press “Save”

How To Add Breaks or Shifts Hours

To indicate your operating hours include a break (lunch per example), create more entries for the same day with different times. 

For example, if your business is open from 9 AM–12 PM on Mondays, closed from 12PM – 2 PM and then open from 2 PM–5PM: 

  1. At the end of the row on each open day,  you have the + button, click on it to create a new set of hours on that day of the week
  1. Next you click into “Opens at” and select the opening time, if already selected please remove the current time first. Then click into “Closes at”  and select the closing time, if already selected please remove the current time first.
  1. To delete an entry, press on the Bin icon on the right
  1. When you have finished, press “save”

How to Add Holiday Hours on Google Business Profile

You may want to change your hours for a few days or on some days because:

  • Your business is closed for a few days for refurbishment, cleaning, after a calamity
  • Change the operating hours on some days or show closed, like public holidays, shopping season, sales. Example: Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc  
  • You are closing your business for a few days as you are taking a deserved holiday
  • Irregular/one-off changes in business hours for team days, events, and so on.

If you set holiday hours, you don’t need to change your regular hours and you will make it clear to customers that your holiday/operating hours are accurate.

Important: Holiday hours can only be entered if you’ve already provided regular hours.

How to use Holiday hours on Google Business Profile

  1. Select “Edit Profile”
  2. Select “Hours” (mobile and computer) or scroll down to hours section (computer)
  3. Under the operating hours section you will see the “Holiday hours” section
  4. Press on section to edit it.
  5. Next to an upcoming holiday, click “Review”. Or to choose a different date(s), click “Add a date”.
  6. Enter the opening and closing times for that day as instructed above.
  7. Press “Save”

Change Holiday Hours on Google Screenshots

Press on the “Holiday hours” section
Holiday Hours Editor
Review Your Holiday Hours
You can add a new date

Your holiday hours will appear to customers on Google only for the designated days.

Tip: To add breaks to sets of holiday hours on the same day, enter them in separate rows, you can check the operating hours for how. For instance, if your business is open for a period in the morning, closes for lunch, and reopens in the afternoon, enter these holiday hours in two rows. To add another row of hours, click Add hours.

Google Business Profile Holiday Hours Tips

Why not fill holiday hours, like Public holidays, at the beginning of the year.

It’s a good idea to confirm your hours for official holidays, even if those hours are the same as your regular hours. 

When to mark as Temporarily closed instead of Holiday hours?

If your business is closed for 7 or more days in a row or will be closed for an unknown period of time, you should mark it as Temporarily closed. Learn how to mark a location temporarily closed

How To Add “More Hours” To Google Business Profile

Google is giving you now more flexibility to create different operating hours for the different services you provide. Therefore, you should use “More hours” to select the hours for specific services your business offers such as online operating hours, delivery, pickup, etc.

I can see making a difference to supermarkets, restaurants, car dealers and many others with different services operating different hours of the main business.

Important notes before you start:

  •  “More hours” don’t display until you first set regular hours.-
  • “More hours” options available to you are decided by your business categories.


In general, you should set “More hours” as a subset of your primary hours. For example, a convenience store that’s open from 6 AM–9 PM may have hours that look like this:

  • Business hours: 6 AM–9 PM
  • Pick-up: 6 AM–8 PM
  • Hours for the elderly: 10 AM–12 PM

How to edit More Hours on Google Business Profile

  1. Select “Edit Profile”
  2. Select “Hours” (mobile and computer) or scroll down to hours section (computer)
  3. Under the “Holiday hours” section you will see the “Add more hours” section
  4. Press on option(s) that you wish to add different operating hours to.
  5. Each time you select an option, automatically asks you to set the hours for that option.
  6.  Add hours as per instructions above
  7. Press “Save”

Instructions Screenshots – How to edit More Hours on Google Business Profile

Press on “Edit profile”
Press on Hours
Press on the option(s) required
Add the hours and save when finished

More Hours Public Display

More hours will display for selected days of the week and surface to customers on Google Maps and Search:

And when you click on “More hours”, the operations hours pop-up appears and you can see all operations hours set up for the listing:

When to use More hours instead of Holiday Hours?

 If your business provides specific services with differing times, like senior hours, or delivery and takeout hours, you can set More hours instead of holiday hours, other wise use the latter. Learn how to set holiday hours.

Google Business Profile Operating Hours Display

Your operation hours in the dashboard  should look like below 

and the “breaks” in your operating hours will be represented on your public profile.

The Business Operating hours on Google didn’t change or under review

Updating your business hours on Google should be simple. Although, Google is not the only place where business hours have to be updated. You’ll also need to make sure you update such information on Sites like Yellow Pages, Facebook, Yelp, Foursquare and more.

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