Google Business Profile Cover Photo is not showing -What to Do

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Google Business Profile Cover Photo is not showing -What to Do

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Amazing Pro Tip to fix Google Business Profile/Google My Business Cover not showing issue.

If you tried to change your cover photo but the Public Google Business Profile shows another photo, you can try change Google’s choice by changing your header photo on the Google Profile Business website! I tested it several times and it works most of the time.

Google Business Profile Cover Photo is not showing fix

  1. Go to the Website section
  2. On the right you will find the “header Photo” with a button “Edit Header Photo”, click on it
  3. Select the cover photo you want

Step by Step Screenshots

screenshot of Google My Business Website Menu Main


Cover Photo before:

After a few minutes:

Long-term Tactics to show your Cover Photo

Even with the tip above, Google may still change the photo after a few weeks, so we need a long-term tactic. You can find my long term tactics on my Google Business Profile training.

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