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Google My Business Cover Photo Size

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The best size for a Google Business Profile/Google My Business Cover photo (Main photo) is a rectangle of ratio 4:3, I recommend 1080px by 810px (Width x Height), but you can calculate different sizes using this ratio calculator.

Before you change the cover photo in your Google Business Profile, you should make sure the main elements of the cover are in the middle of the photo, you can use a square as a guide with a size 85% of the height, for example: using a photo with 810px in height, the square should be 690 x 690 px. It will help in the smartphone searches as thumbnails of cover photos are square in search results on a smartphone.

 You may have to crop your cover to fit well.

Google Business Profile Cover Photo Template (click on it for the real template size):

I have a Google Business Profile Cover Photo Size Template for Google Drawing in my Google My Business Training.

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