Google My Business for Businesses With No Physical Address

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Google My Business for Businesses With No Physical Address

A Business with no physical address can have a Google My Business profile. Normally, you may not want to show its address because:

  • you work from a home office
  • or your business location is not used to meet customers

So it’s ok to have a Google My Business profile as long the business complies with the service area business definition.

What is a Service Area Business?

They serve customers at their location but don’t have a physical location for them to visit. Instead of a physical location, you can add up to 20 service areas where you can serve your customers.

In summary, your business is a “Service Area Based only Business” if:

  • you go to your clients’ location to provide your products and/or services,
  • you do not have a physical location where you trade from
    Examples: plumber, builder, electrician, etc E.g.: mobile hairdressers/beauty therapists, social care, tree surgeon, plumber, etc).

What businesses are not eligible:

  • eCommerce or online-only businesses
  • Artists, Brands
  • Services, classes or meetings at locations you don’t have the authority to represent, including PO Boxes, Virtual Offices and most Shared-Offices.

If your business is eligible, follow the instructions below.

Creating a Google My Business Profile for Businesses With No Physical Address

When you go through the profile creation wizard, you get to a defining question: Do you want to add a location customers can visit, like a store or office?

screenshot of Google My Business Add Your Business Setup Question: “Do you want to add a location customers can visit, like a store or office?” with "No" selected

In this question, you press “No” and then click “Next”. In the next step, you should be able to add the service areas.

I recommend following the steps on this guide:

Claiming a Profile When Someone Else Claimed Your Business on Google for Service Area Businesses

You tried to claim your business profile on Google but it has been claimed by someone else.

Google My Business Claimed Verified Listing Message screenshot

I recommend following the steps on this guide:

How to Remove the Address if You Already Verified the Profile?

You already verified your listing but you wish to remove the address and service areas, you can do it easily by following this guide: How to Hide Business Address on Google My Business

How do I verify my business on Google without an address?

If you work from home and serve your clients at their location, you are considered a service area business (SAB). SABs must hide their address but you will need to use your address to receive the postcard. But don’t worry as the address will be used for verification purposes only.

Video Chat Verification Process

For service area businesses, Google will want to see your work vehicle, license plate, business logo on the vehicle, and tools of your trade in the vehicle.


Can you use a shared office space/Coworking address, Virtual address or PO Box as your address for Google My Business

No, you cannot. It’s against the rules. Exception: if you have a fully functional office with signage inside of the co-working space.

To further your knowledge about Google My Business

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