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Google My Business “More hours”

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Google is giving you now more flexibility to create different operating hours for the different services you provide. Therefore, you should use “More hours” to select the hours for specific services your business offers such as online operating hours, delivery, pickup, etc.

Important notes before you start:

  •  “More hours” don’t display until you first set regular hours.-
  • “More hours” options available to you are decided by your business categories.


In general, you should set “More hours” as a subset of your primary hours. For example, a convenience store that’s open from 6 AM–9 PM may have hours that look like this:

  • Business hours: 6 AM–9 PM
  • Pick-up: 6 AM–8 PM
  • Hours for the elderly: 10 AM–12 PM

How to edit Google My Business More hours

  1. Click on “Info”.
  2. Next to “More hours” click on the pencil
  1. In the “More hours” box and under “Add hours,” click on the specific “services” or “specials” that you wish to add different operating hours to:
screenshot of Google My Business More Hours Editor Specific Options
Google My Business More Hours Editor Specific Options
  1. Each time you select an option, automatically asks you to set the hours for that option.
screenshot of Google My Business More Hours Editor Hours and Days Setup
Google My Business More Hours Editor Hours and Days Setup
  1.  Finish each schedule by clicking on “Continue”
  1. Set the hours for each specific service or special required.
  1. After you entered all “hours”, click “Apply”.


More hours will display for selected days of the week and surface to customers on Google Maps and Search:

And when you click on “More hours”, the operations hours pop-up appears and you can see all operations hours set up for the listing:

When to use More hours instead of Special Hours?

 If your business provides specific services with differing times, like senior hours, or delivery and takeout hours, you can set More hours instead of Special hours, other wise use the latter. Learn how to set Special hours.


Now you can provide better information to your clients before visiting you. Creates trust and better customer service.

I can see making a difference to supermarkets, restaurants, car dealers and many others with different services operating different hours of the main business.

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