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Google My Business Products Not Approved

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Google changed the way Products work on Google My Business, they will now be approved or not.

The approval process appears to be done by AI and you should have a decision within 30 min.

Your Products Listings can have 3 “status”:

  • Pending
  • Not Approved
  • Approved (no label)
“Pending” and “Not Approved” Labels

At this point we are more concerned about the “Not Approved” status, what are the possible reasons for it and how can you edit for reapproval.

Of course, you can appeal (ask for a manual approval) if you don’t agree with the decision of “not approved”.

Google My Business Products Not Approved Reasons

Google will not approve products on your Business Profile that don’t comply with their Shopping Ad Policy. Even though it is not an Ad, the fact Google now allows products in GMB profile from Google Merchant feed has made an impact on this change.

To find why it was “Not Approved”, click on the product to find more about why it wasn’t approved. Along with the explanation, you will see a link to the applicable policies.

Main reasons for disapproval:

  • Photos Depicting Live Animals or Showing Human Face(s)
  • Regulated Products and Services
  • Your GMB Account is suspended (note there is an issue with the “Account suspended” issue reason)

Important: Shopping policies regarding unsupported shopping content or mandatory item attributes normally don’t apply to products submitted through Google My Business. However, these policies do apply to regulated products and services, including alcohol, tobacco products, gambling, financial services, pharmaceuticals and unapproved supplements, or health/medical devices.

Edit Your Product for Reapproval

If the reason for not being approved has to do with the image (for example live animal/people) or wording, you make the necessary changes and save it. The product is automatically re-reviewed within 24 hours.

if the “Not approved” label disappears means it got fixed, otherwise consider appealing (check below).

Google My Business Products Not Approved Appeal

If you think you did not violate any of the policies and Google made a mistake you can appeal the decision.

Follow these steps to appeal “Not Approved” Products:

  1. Click Products.
  2. Select a product marked as “Not Approved.”
  3. Click Request Review.

The Google My Business Product appeals should be reviewed within 72 hours.

“Account suspended” Issue

There is an issue where products may change to “Not Approved” and the reason is “Account suspended” when your Google My Business Profile isn’t actually suspended.

Also, it says you can request a manual review but the option is not available…

If this happens to you, you need to contact Google Support

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The latest Google My Business and Local Marketing: News, Updates, Issues Alerts, Training Articles

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