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Google Reviews are not showing up on my Google My Business Profile?

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Google Reviews are not showing up on my Google My Business Profile?

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This question was submitted to the Google My Business Help Community Forum.

Details: I was going to make a social post about having 700 reviews on google. I can see them in the account but not on my profile. I went back to take a screenshot and I’m at 696. Yesterday I received 4-5 more reviews and none have added to the total. We’re very careful and have no fake reviews.


There are some delays in getting the reviews and the review count updated. Also, it may take a few days for both to be aligned.

Meaning you may see new reviews in your Google My Business Account but can take 3-5 days to appear in your public profile.

Another timing issue is that the reviews may appear in your profile but the review count takes longer to get updated.

So hopefully, they will appear in your business profile very soon.

The worst-case scenario, they could have been filtered by Google’s spam detector. Google statement:

Google uses automated spam detection measures to remove reviews that are probably spam. Although legitimate reviews are sometimes inappropriately removed, these spam prevention measures help improve people’s experiences on Google by ensuring that the reviews they see are authentic, relevant, and useful.

If you want to know how to gather more genuine customer reviews, please check my Google My Business Training– GMBpedia.

Hope it helps!

Be remarkable!

Professor M

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