[2021 Guide] How can I change my Google My Business Primary Phone Number?

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[2021 Guide] How can I change my Google My Business Primary Phone Number?

In this guide, I start with the normal procedure to change the phone number on your Google My Business Profile.

Then I provide some solutions if you are not able to change it or Google does not accept your “new” phone number (Under review/Orange Crossed).

How to change a phone number on Google My Business

  1. Go to the Info section by pressing “Info” on the left-hand side main menu
  2. Go down to the “Phone” field and press on the pencil to edit this field
  3. Change your Primary Phone Number
  4. When you have finished, press “Apply”
    • if it doesn’t change after 2 days, these are solutions to change the Primary Phone Number.

Step by Step Screenshots

Step 1

screenshot of Google My Business Info Button on the Main Menu
“Info” on the left-hand side main menu

Step 2

“Phone” field – Press on the pencil to edit this field

Step 3

Change your Primary Phone Number

Step 4

Click on “Apply” after Changing/Add Phone Number(s)

However, after 3 days you may find your Primary number under review or gets orange crossed. Why? Google does not trust that phone number.

Solutions to change the Primary Phone Number if gets stuck

Solution 1

First make sure you follow these Google My Business guidelines for phone numbers:

  • Your Profile is verified.
  • You should use a local phone number instead of a central call center helpline number whenever possible.
  • Do not provide phone numbers that redirect or “refer” users to phone numbers other than those of the actual business.
  • The phone number must be under the direct control of the business.
  • Premium-rate telephone numbers are not allowed.

Solution 2

If you changed your phone number on your GMB profile but didn’t change the phone number on other digital properties (aka citations): Facebook, Yelp, Tripadvisor, Yellow Pages, BBB, etc.

Go to your other digital properties to change the number and search your business name on Google Search for other places where your business information is, and you were not aware of.

After a couple of weeks try again to change the number.

Solution 3

Some users reported that this workaround works:

  1. Go to the Google My Business App
  2. Press on Profile
  3. Go down to the phone number,
  4. Tap on top of phone field,
  5. The editor opens for you to change Primary and additional numbers. Be sure to use the same format.
  6. Then click Save at the top right. The change will show right away in the app but takes a couple of hours to show on Google.

Solution 4

If everything fails you need to contact Google My Business Support and request for them to apply the change.

When you submit the form you will get an auto-responder.  Make sure you reply to the auto-responder, you should hear back from Support in about 48 hours.

In my Ultimate Google My Business Training, I will go in-depth about how to take advantage of phone numbers, call tracking, etc.

You can also check another FAQ question related to phone numbers: Why GMB doesn’t show two phone numbers?

Hope it helps.

Professor M

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