How can I turn off or disable Google Reviews for my business?

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How can I turn off or disable Google Reviews for my business?

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Details: “ I would like to turn off the review option on our page immediately. How can we do this? I’m concerned about the reviews in my place. I totally disagree with google’s policy about this.
For now, is impossible to block or delete bad reviews from people that even never been in my place. Facebook, for example, allows you to block or delete the post from people…


Unfortunately, you can’t turn off or disable Google Reviews on your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) without permanently closing it or if you are not suffering a review attack (see more below).

If you are thinking to mark your business “Permanently closed”, you should know that Google Reviews already made will still show, however, users cannot write new reviews.

In review attack cases, Google may turn off/disable your Google Reviews feature temporarily. These cases are considered review attacks:

  • if they are triggered by a public backlash due to a media report or social media
  • if you are under a fake negative review attack, where a large number of negative reviews are left in a short period of time

If any of the above is happening to you, collect all the information (review screenshots, reviewers profile, etc) and contact Google Business Profile Support. I can help you as well through my consultancy service.

Just a small note, “reviews” can be very beneficial as it is one of the top factors for people to trust your business and for ranking your profile on Google.

You should have a Review Management Plan in place to get genuine good reviews frequently from your customers and respond to negative reviews in a professional manner. The RM plan can help you mitigate the negative reviews.

If you wish to remove a fake or t&c violating review, you could check this article on how to remove Google Reviews.

Be remarkable!

Hope it helps.

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