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How to Change a Wrong Business Street View (360) Photo

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How to Change a Wrong Business Street View (360) Photo

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 If the Street View 360 image is wrong (not the entrance of your business) or still at the old address (you changed addresses recently), this guide is for you.

How to Change Wrong Business Street View Steps

  1. Go to your Google Business Profile Manager
  2. Then open the “Info” section
  3. On the Address field press pencil to edit
  4. Change the map pin closer to your entrance:
    • in the map area, you can zoom in as much as you can and move the map pin to the entrance 

Wrong Business Street View (360) Photo Notes:

  • Even if it is the right place, just by moving a bit the map pin you can trigger a new Street view photo and it can take 2 weeks to appear.
  • Check if the address is “correctly” formatted. Especially the Zip code/Postcode as in some cases Google Maps uses a different code than the official.
  • If after 2 weeks the Street view does not change, you need to contact Google Business Profile support.

Alternative methods to change the Street View

For alternative methods, you should look at GBPedia

Technical Issue on Businesses’ Google Maps Street View

Some businesses that changed addresses have been affected by a known technical issue. The process that is supposed to update the Street View image seems to be broken. There are several cases reporting this issue. Best course of action is to contact Google Business Profile Support

I created special Resources for Google Business Profile (GBPedia):

The most up-to-date verified and sourced information available for Google Business Profile

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