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How to Add and Edit Product Category Name on Google Business Profile

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How to Add and Edit Product Category Name on Google Business Profile

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In this guide will show how to add and how to edit Google My Business Products’ Categories, with step by step screenshots.

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How to Add Products to Google Business Profile

How to Edit Product Category Name on Google Business Profile

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How to Add Product Category in Google My Business

  1. Click on “Products” on the left-hand side main menu
  2. Press on a Product already created or click on “Add product” for a new product
  3. Click on “Select a category”
  4. Click on “Create New Category”
  5. 3. A new field will appear to write the new Product category
  6. 4. Click on “Save”
Click on “Create New Category”
Write the new Product category

You should now see the new Product Category on the menu bar:

How to Edit Product Category Name

Unfortunately, It’s not straightforward as you cannot edit the Product Category Title directly, but there is a way!

Changing Product Categories on Google Business Profile

  1. Create a new product category (as shown above)
  2. Move all products from the old category to the new category
  3. Refresh page


It’s unnecessary “complicated” but it is the only way to edit/change Product Category Name at the moment. Hopefully, Google will change this soon.

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