How to find Google My Business Duplicates Listings

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How to find Google My Business Duplicates Listings


I will start with a question: why should you try to find duplicates of your Google my Business profile? Because of the Possum…filter. The Possum is the code name for a Google Local Algorithm update released in 2016 and makes similar businesses profiles be filtered out of the Google Search and Maps local results.

In other words, if you have duplicates your genuine listing could be filtered out and not appear to customers.

Also, your business profile can be suspended, deleted or merged with a duplicate… losing reviews, photos, business, etc…

How to Find Google My Business Duplicates Steps

  1. Go to Google Search and search for: “your business name” + “city/town/village” 
  1. Check if triggers a branded Knowledge Panel  like below example, if a Knowledge Panel appears, you need to confirm if it is the listing you manage. If not, you found your first duplicate
  1.  Now, you search for “Your business address” (it can be your home address, if it is your registered business address) »
  1. Check if triggers a Map Panel  like below example. If there is more than one business just check if any of those listings are duplicates
  1. Optional Step  If your business was at another location(s) previously or had a different name(s), search again using the past business information.
  2. Perform the first search again: “your business name” + “city/town/village”, but this time click on the “Maps” button to check if you find more duplicate profiles as you zoom in and out, like the example below:
  1. Use this free tool PlePer Tools – Find duplicate listings in Google My Business to find duplicates
    • In “Your Business” Field, start typing the name of your business and select it from the drop-down menu
    • Click on “Search”
    • May take a few minutes and the results will appear in the lower part of the screen. You can check the progress bar completion percentage.  
    • Red results are duplicate, Yellow Results may be duplicates so you need to perform manual check and Green results should be not duplicate listings
    • By clicking on the blue Map icon next to each business name you can find the details of that listing

What to do when you find duplicates

You found one or more duplicate profiles of your business and now what?

First you copy the Google My Business Map link into a spreadsheet or word document…

» Then, you need to check if the profile is unclaimed or was claimed by someone else already –  either the previous owner or… a total stranger not related to the business, scary but it happens often.

How do you check if a Google My Business listing is unclaimed or claimed?

1. Just  go to the profile(s) you found and you either have “Own this listing?” – if you are in Google Search- or “Claim this business” – if you are in Google Maps

2. Click on the text: “Own this listing?” or  “Claim this business”

3. It will ask you to sign in into your Google Account or create an account 

4. On your screen will appear either a “Manage Now” button or “This listing has been claimed”. 

Now choose your next chapter:


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