[2021] How to Transfer Reviews on Google My Business

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[2021] How to Transfer Reviews on Google My Business

This guide will help you to transfer reviews from a GMB business profile, if the business:

  • Moved from a location to another location and created a new Google My Business profile for the new location
  • Closed one location/branch and want to transfer reviews to another location
  • Changed ownership

If you wish to transfer reviews from a duplicate Google My Business listing at the same address, check this article instead- how to merge Google My Business Profiles

Transfer Google Reviews on Google My Business Steps

  1. Go Google Maps and get the Maps links for both profiles
  2. Contact Support and ask to transfer reviews

Step by Step Screenshots

Step 1

screenshot of Google My business Profile Map URL
Google My Business Profile Map URL
Get the Maps links for both profiles

Step 2

Use the “Contact Us” form and ask to transfer reviews

Eligibility to transfer reviews of a Google My Business Profile:

If the new location (to where you want to transfer the reviews) is verified and has the same name it is possible to transfer the reviews.

Of course, there are some exceptions for businesses heavily tied to their locations, like hotels, golf courses, or scenic attractions.

If your business changes its name and meets the following criteria:

  • You make a minor name change.
  • You have multiple locations and the business name changes.

If your business changes its name but doesn’t meet the criteria, it’s considered a new business and reviews are removed.

Transfer Reviews Request to Google Support – Template

You will input the request in the Text box “Provide the reason for transferring the reviews”:

“Name: My Business Name

Address: My Business Street, My City, My Zipcode/Postcode

Phone: 123456789

Website URL: www.example.com

Email Address: example@example.com

Issue: Transfer Reviews

Request Reason: We moved our shop and staff to a new location. Please mark the old listing as moved and transfer the reviews to our current listing.

Old Listing: https://www.google.com/maps….

Transfer reviews to our current listing: https://www.google.com/maps….

Thank you.”

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