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4 Options to Set Up Google Business Profile Hours “by appointment only”

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4 Options to Set Up Google Business Profile Hours “by appointment only”

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You can do a few things to show “Appointment only” on your Google Business Profile (Google My Business), even though you cannot change your Google Business Profile Operating Hours to “Appointment Only”.

If you are an appointment-only business, current advice (not a rule) from Google is to remove the operating hours, however, you may benefit from adding your operating hours as it is an important feature on Google Search local results and can affect ranking.

You have 4 options to show on your Google Business Profile that you operate “by appointment only”

  • Add Appointment required Attributes
  • Covid 19 Post with Hours/Appointment Advice
  • “Offer online appointments” Card
  • Follow Google’s Advice and Remove Operating Hours

Note: The above options availability will depend on your business category and location and you can use all of them together.

Tip: If you are a GBPedia Member, you can follow a more in-depth personalized guide (includes screenshots, tips, videos, checklists) just login into GBPedia. If you are not a member but are curious about it, check here: GBPedia resources for Google Business Profile.

Other Notes

  • You can add “Appointment only” to the business description.
  • The good news, the possibility of changing Google My Business Operating Hours to “Appointment Only” was put to Google’s Product team for consideration, even though there is no timeline for it.

Hope it helps! Be Remarkable!

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