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Sharing my Business from Google Maps shows the name incorrectly in the URL

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Sharing my Business from Google Maps shows the name incorrectly in the URL

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This question was submitted on 18th October 2020 to the Google My Business Help Community Forum.

Details: “When I visit https://maps.google.com and search for my organization (The Magic of Christmas), it brings up the correct map. If I then click the link to share our address/map it shows the URL as: “https://g.page/MagicOfChristmas2019?share” Is it possible to change this URL so that it shows without the 2019?”


The URL you are sharing is called custom GMB URL and it was automatically created when you created a short name for your Google My Business Profile.

In short, yes you can change it by changing your short name:

How to change your short name

  1. On your computer, sign in to Google My Business.

Google My Business Sign in Screen

  1. Go to the Info Tab (Left-hand side menu)

  1. Next to your current short name, click Edit.

  1. Remove your short name and create a new one. Then, click Apply.


  • should be associated with your business name or the most common name people call your business
  • up to 32 characters, the shorter the better
  • non-English characters are not allowed
  • change up to 3 times per year

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