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for Local businesses

+ Apple Maps / Bing Local / Tripadvisor / Yelp Training

Exclusive Features: Unbiased Support + Community + Live Q&A + Premium Webinars + Local Marketing Newsletter

I named it:
GMB Empower Initiative

If you are looking for:
- Black or grey hat techniques
- Create Spammy or Gen Leads listings or manipulate local search
If yes, I have news for you! Empower Initiative is not for YOU

If not, I will show you the best ways to:

  • optimise Google My business listings
  • engage with customers
  • manage a listing
  • achieve top spot on Google Local Search

Packed with professional tips and secrets to exponentially improve your chances of getting into the top of the local search on Google

All the advice in the training is safe white hat, it will not hurt or suspend your listings or website. Also, it is updated with peer reviewed tactics and when industry and Google changes/updates are released.

Interested? Great, please keep reading

What is the Empower Initiative
(and it is not just video lectures, it's much more)

It is packed with professional tips and secrets to exponentially improve your chances of getting into the top of the local search on Google, like these examples:
Your small local business can even outrank national and global brands for local related searches!
Your local community needs you, your passion, your enthusiasm more than ever.

Why learning Google My Business and Local Google Search Optimisation

The truth is that Google is almost omnipresent when comes to online searches. Also, nowadays no one looks at yellow pages, they "google" it. Even when someone recommends a place or business, most of the time you probably check it online before a visit or a contact.


Google holds 93% and 96% of the search engine market share in UK and Ireland, respectively (StatCounter)


Nearly 50% of ALL online searches are for businesses / services located nearby ("near me searches") (


85% of people look online for products and services in their local area every month (


76% of consumers who did a local Google search visited a local business. (HubSpot Marketing Statistics)

Market research studies shows that:

96% of customers are more likely to visit a local business that has business hours on the Google Search or Maps page (IPSOS)

90% of customers are more likely to visit a company with a phone number in their Google My Business profile  (IPSOS)

• Google My Business profiles had more comments and ratings than Facebook and Yelp combined. Google My Business had 2x the number of comments on Facebook and more than 10x the number of comments on Yelp (

• Companies were found through unbranded searches 70% of the time versus 30% through branded research. In other words, most of the traffic comes from consumers who are still not sure which company to choose (Google Insights)

Why Professor M's Academy


more than 40 qualifications in marketing
and counting 🙂


Proud of the hundreds of companies and thousands of locations helped


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Why choose Empower Initiative

If you rely on free Youtube videos to learn, you will come across 3 pitfalls:

  • You might learn old information, advice, tips that do not work anymore
  • You might get the wrong advice, tips from false  “gurus”
  • Wasting hours upon hours looking for the right knowledge and making sure it is the best available information


Consequences: The first 2 pitfalls are really dangerous as might damage your online and offline reputation, you can be severely penalised by Google/Bing/Yelp/Tripadvisor by using disallowed techniques.
The last pitfall  is the old business tenet: “Time is money”, and time away from family and friends. No support!

There are many platforms and people that provide courses, but again you will come across pitfalls:

  • 95%-99% of those creating courses are not “in” for the long haul and just want to create a “passive” income stream. Just search for “passive income creating courses” in Google and Youtube to confirm.
  • You might spend money on outdated knowledge, material as the creators are “in” for the passive income to supplement their full-time job, so updates will have to wait.
  • The courses are not tailored to local small businesses as they have to be evergreen so they can appeal to the biggest audience possible, as platforms take a big commission (up to 85%) out of each sale.
  • No or close to no support, no community, remember it has  to be “passive”.


Consequences:  To create and maintain an effective and useful training takes thousands of hours. So you will wasting your money on unreliable training and weak support.  Again, it can affect your business as it might damage your online and offline reputation.


The proof is in the "Pudding"!
Learn the techniques that helped profiles in the examples to be at the Top of Google searches


... that's why clients...


Randy M.

I definitely will recommend your superb training and is making the difference already.

Katy L.

As a business owner who depends almost entirely upon my digital presence to grow my business, Empower has absolutely like you said "turbo-charged my success".

Brian R.

Great training guys. Our listing shows now at the top of Google search and was worth every penny spent.

Alex S.

I didn't know it was possible but our listing is on the 3 pack, massive thanks!

Daniel C.

We got the GMB Empower for our solicitor's firm and it was definitely worth it.

Lisa B.

Your training helped our business with much needed knowledge on local search and Google. Your understanding of Google and local marketing is extremely impressive, and the tips...OMG Empower