Google My Business Training

ULTIMATE Google My Business Training?

If you need to further your knowledge about Google My Business:
- How to optimize your profile
- What can be done to help you rank better
- Detailed step by step instructions
- Tips used by the best industry professionals
- Keep up with the latest changes, rules and optimizations, etc

Then the ULTIMATE Google My Business Training suits your needs.

I am not just using my extensive knowledge and experience, I have read thousands of articles and case studies from well-regarded professionals and companies, seen and listen to thousands of hours of videos, webinars and podcasts.

I applied, tried and tested every bit of "wisdom", "tactics", "shortcuts", so you don't have to.
It's so well researched that I am taking 2 years to finish it.

I am creating the most comprehensive Google My Business Training, the only source you need to learn everything about Google My Business & Local SEO and find solutions to your questions and issues.

I should finish the training soon, if you want to have an early bird discount (at least 50%!) just register your interest by clicking on the button:

Support Features:


You will have access to both:

Google My Business Course

If you are starting a Google My Business Listing or you wish to go through all the steps from setup to full optimization

GMBpedia – Google My Business Most Comprehensive Guide

GMBpedia will be your day to day guide for Google My Business. You can check here all the different sections, specific elements, updates, categories, issue resolution tutorials

I will show you how to:

  • optimize your Google My Business profile
  • engage with customers
  • get reviews
  • manage your listing
  • resolve common issues 

Packed with tips and secrets used by Professionals to exponentially improve your chances of getting into the top of the local search on Google.


All the advice and techniques I provide in the training were tried, tested and peer reviewed.

Interested? Great, please keep reading

What is the ULTIMATE Google My Business Training
(and it is not just video lectures, it's much more)

It is packed with professional tips and secrets to exponentially improve your chances of getting into the top of the local search on Google, like these examples:
Italian Restaurant Dublin Google Local Search Pack
Hairdresser Blackburn Google Local Map Pack listings screenshot
Florist Galway Google Local Search Pack and Organic Search

Delivered by a Award-Winning Expert

My Knowledge

More than 40 qualifications in marketing and counting 🙂

Marketing Qualifications Professor M includes logos of universities, google and other institutes

My Experience

Proud of the hundreds of companies and thousands of locations helped

Professor M Local Search, Marketing and Google My Business Experience with businesses and companies logos

I am a Top Expert

A Top Contributor in Google My Business Help Forum + Quora Google My Business Most Viewed Writer + Digital Boost Volunteer

Why choose this Training

youtube logo in a red background and a suit guy with a interrogation mark next to him

If you rely just on free Youtube videos to learn, you will come across 3 pitfalls:

  • You might learn old information, advice, tips that do not work anymore
  • You might get the wrong advice, tips from false  “gurus”
  • Wasting hours upon hours looking for the right knowledge and making sure it is the best available information

Consequences: The first 2 pitfalls are really dangerous as might damage your online and offline reputation, you can be severely penalised by Google/Bing/Yelp/Tripadvisor by using disallowed techniques.
The last pitfall  is the old business tenet: “Time is money”, and time away from family and friends. No support!

Online Learning Platforms with logos of Udemy, Skillshare, Lynda.com

There are many platforms and people that provide courses, but again you will come across pitfalls:

  • 95%-99% of those creating courses are not “in” for the long haul and just want to create a “passive” income stream. Just search for “passive income creating courses” in Google and Youtube to confirm.
  • You might spend money on outdated knowledge, material as the creators are “in” for the passive income to supplement their full-time job, so updates will have to wait.
  • The courses are not tailored to small local businesses as they have to be evergreen so they can appeal to the biggest audience possible, as platforms take a big commission (up to 85%) out of each sale.
  • No or close to no support, no community, remember it has  to be “passive”.

Consequences:  To create and maintain an effective and useful training takes thousands of hours. So you will be wasting your money on unreliable training and weak support.  Again, it can affect your business as it might damage your online and offline reputation.

The proof is in the "Pudding"!
Learn the techniques that helped profiles in the examples to be at the Top of Google searches

Italian Restaurant Dublin Google Local Search Pack
Hairdresser Blackburn Google Local Map Pack listings screenshot

... that's why clients...


Randy M.

I definitely will recommend your superb training and is making the difference already.

Katy L.

As a business owner who depends almost entirely upon my digital presence to grow my business, Empower has absolutely like you said "turbo-charged my success".

Brian R.

Great training guys. Our listing shows now at the top of Google search and was worth every penny spent.

Alex S.

I didn't know it was possible but our listing is on the 3 pack, massive thanks!

Daniel C.

We got the GMB Empower for our solicitor's firm and it was definitely worth it.

Lisa B.

Your training helped our business with much needed knowledge on local search and Google. Your understanding of Google and local marketing is extremely impressive, and the tips...OMG

...love Empower