Google Asks About Update Service Availability

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What is it

Many Google My Business listings are receiving a request from Google to “let customers know that your business is open and which services you’re offering.”

Google made several changes due to the Covid 19 pandemic and one of them is “Temporarily closed” status. Many businesses were put on this status automatically by Google as per each country’s Government lockdown restrictions.

However, as the restrictions ease around the world Google wants to make sure that businesses update their status asap so searchers can have the best results for their local and Map searches.

What are the questions

Google asks these three questions:

  • Is your business open? Your business is operating in some way — even if you’re only taking phone calls
  • Are you offering onsite services? Customers can visit the physical location of your business
  • Are you offering online appointments? Customers can attend real-time appointments with your business online

If you answer yes to the last one, automatically asks you to add an appointment link.

Conclusion on this Google My Business Update

Even if you don’t receive this Google request, you should look at the above questions to check and update your listing.

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