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Google Maps New Reviews Attributes implications on your Google My Business Listing

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Google Maps New Reviews Attributes implications on your Google My Business Listing

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What is it

Last year in August 2019, we started to see Google testing a new feature during Google Maps Reviews process. Not only customers could add a star rating and leave a comment, but they could also select attributes within a set number of options.

Fast forward to 2020 and it is not anymore a test, it has been rolled out to most business categories and countries.

We now understand that the set number of options available as attributes to choose from depends on the star rating and business category. Example:

  • Plumber: 
    • 1-2 star rating-  “Not professional” “Poor quality”  “Poor value”
    • 4-5- star rating –  “Professional” “Good Quality” “Good Value”

On your google my business profile, these attributes will appear underneath the star rating of the review:

  • If it is a negative review (1-2 stars) will have the subheading “Critical”.
  • If it is a positive review (4-5 star) will have the subheading “Positive”.

As you noticed no attributes are appearing for 3 stars reviews as probably is too much on the fence for Google.

How Google Reviews Attributes works

  • Click on “Write a review”
  • Click on the number of stars you want and the attributes appear.
    • 1-2 star review will get you this question: What do you not like about this business?
    • 4-5 star review will get you this question: What do you like about this business?
  • After the review is done, just press “Post”

Conclusion on this Google My Business Update

I believe these attributes feature was launched to provide more information to users and differentiate businesses.

  • Provide more information to users- most reviews are star reviews only with no comments or a 4-5 words tiny comment, so Google wants to provide even more context to users when looking at a business and if it makes easier for people to give extra relevant information through attributes selection, why not.
  • Differentiate businesses – in time I believe Google will start to provide filters with these attributes, like they do now with “rating” and “hours” filters and even add those attributes under “What your business is known for

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