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Google My Business allow now up to 10 Appointments/Reservation links on Profiles

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Google My Business allow now up to 10 Appointments/Reservation links on Profiles

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What is it

Google released a new feature for Google My Business listings, you can now add up to 10 “Book an appointment”/”Make a reservation” links. Until recently you could only add 1 link.

Also, you can choose the preferred link and will be labelled on your Business Profile on Google Search and Maps as so. Appears to be available across industries from personal and home services  to restaurant reservations.

How to

  1. Login into your account
  1. Go to the info screen
  1. Go down to “Appointment links”/”Reservation links” and press on the pencil to add a link(s)
  1. In the box, input the appointment/reservation link
  1. To add another option, click on “Add Link”
  1. Select the preferred one by clicking on the star next to the link’s box
  1. Click apply and check the results on your profile

Conclusion on this Google My Business Update

Google released something similar for food businesses’ order links, they want to make sure you give enough options to your customers. Making it easier to get their custom by making it easier to book an appointment.

Why so many options? You can have your own appointment software on your website and/ or use a third parties software, like Facebook Page or Google Reserve Partners. Choice is key so why not.

Also, we cannot forget the fact we will probably be able to integrate your Google My Business with Video Conferencing sometime in the near future.

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