Google My Business Insights is changing

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Table of Contents

What is it

Quite a few changes are about to happen in relation to how you find Insights Data and the release of new metrics as advised by Google here.

This closely relates to Google launching a new way to update your Google My Business listing directly from Google Search or Maps.

Now they increased the number of features you can access when searching for “my business” in Google Search, you find the Insights data under “Promote” » “Performance”.

What are the changes:

  • For now, you can only see “How people interacted with you”, split in “All interactions”, “Calls” and “Messages”
  • Sometime in October 2020 (if everything goes right) “Searches” metrics will be available
  • The rest of the metrics and even new metrics will be added to the “Performance” section in the next few months?!
  • New metrics: Google is not divulging much but says “detailed reports about searches and the number of people who saw the profile” and “new data that has never appeared on the Google My Business Insights page”
  • Insights tab will eventually be removed from Google My Business web and app platforms, big change!
  • Data frequency update will change for a few metrics, for now, Google will change “Queries used to find your business” from quarterly to monthly.
  • Data will be available for up to 6 months – Great finally!
  • It will be available in Google Search only for the time being, but it will be available in Google Maps at some point in time

How to access the new “Performance” data for your listing

  1. Sign in to your Google Account that has access to the Business profile
  1. To find your Business Profile, search on Google for the exact business name or write “my business” in the search field
  1. The press on “Promote” and a pop-up box will appear
  1. Then press on “Performance”
  1. You can play now with the options available and time periods.

Conclusion on this Google My Business Update

Great that Google wants to provide more metrics updated frequently with longer period data sets. The issue I have is the fact that the “new location” appears to be less organised than the “Insights” tab in Google My Business account dashboard.

Also, in my opinion, these latest changes tell that Google is moving away from the web specialised dashboard and app and into Google Search and Maps platform, is it better? Only time will tell.

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