Google My Business New Metrics Rolled out

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Google My Business New Metrics Rolled out

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I reported a couple of months ago that Google was rolling out a new way to see your profile metrics with more and better data – Performance Insights.

At the time, Google promised more changes and now they are releasing a few of them:

  • A detailed list of the search queries customers used to find your business on Google
  • How many times each search term triggered your business profile.
  • From Jan 2021, it will show whether customers saw your business on Google Maps or Search
  • From Jan 2021, if the user saw your profile from a computer or smartphone device
  • From Jan 2021, Total amount of searches that triggered your business profile.
  • All your performance data will be available for up to six months from the current 3 months. Now you can see between one month up to six months of data at a time and whether performance is up or down from last year.

2021 January 08

You can now access the new performance reports within the Google My Business insights section.

How people discovered you – available on the new report

2021 January 26

Now showing if the user saw your profile from a computer or mobile device

2021 February 01

Google My Business will start to report Website clicks!

Google advises the following:

 We plan to add the number of clicks to your website from your Business Profile to the “Interactions” section of the Performance page.

Website clicks in Performance reporting on Search won’t include clicks on the website from Google My Business websites. This means the number of clicks shown in the “Interactions” section might differ from the numbers on the Insights page or Performance reporting.

2021 March 04

Google now added a section for the “users who viewed your profile” section, which counts user “visits” to your Business Profile instead of “views” (i.e. impressions). As you can see below the number of searches in Insights is different from the number of views in the Performance report.

The section explains it is the “number of unique visitors to your profile. A user can be counted a limited number of times if they visit your Business Profile on multiple devices and platforms such as desktop or mobile and Google Maps or Google Search. Per breakdown device and platform, a user can only be counted once a day. Multiple daily visits aren’t counted.”

To pointed out:

  • Since this metric represents the number of unique users, it may be lower than the number of views you find on Google My Business and in email notifications. 
  • Since the metric focuses on views of the Business Profile, as opposed to overall views of the Business on Google, it may also be lower than the number of views you find on Google My Business and in email notifications.

Conclusion on this Google Business Update

Data is a very important asset for businesses, just because your business is small and local does not mean it’s less important.

All data Google can provide for your Google My Business Profile should be welcomed and used to make your profile and customer engagement better.

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Be Remarkable!

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