Google (My) Business Profile Phone Support Re-Enabled

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Google (My) Business Profile Phone Support Re-Enabled

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Google reopened Google (My) Business Profile phone support!

Ok, you don’t have a contact number for you to call but you will be able to request a call back through “Get a call” option on the Contact Us Form, check this article for in how to contact Google (My) Business Support.

screenshot of Google Business Profile Support Contact Form Step 3 - Contact Options: Get a call, Chat, Email
Google Business Profile Support Contact Form

This feature was removed shortly after COVID hit, since then Google has been working with limited resources.

Google My Business Profile Phone Support Hours of Operation

When you press “show hours”, it shows to be in operation 24 hours/7 days a week, even though the time zone used is “Los Angeles”.

Requesting Call Back – Google My Business Profile Phone Support

You can add more than one phone number if Google Support is unable to reach you on the main phone number provided.


It does not appear to be restrictive to a country or a selective number of countries, so good news.

Conclusion on Google My Business Profile Phone Support

Hopefully, this means Google wants to provide better customer service to local businesses and resolve quickly issues affecting them.

Remains to be seen if the phone support will be quick to, and actually, resolve issues.

Will the demand for phone calls be greater than the support team capacity?

How long will you have to wait to get the call back from support?

Only time will tell.

I hope this article helped you.

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