Google My Business Posts and Add Followers will be very important with this new Google Maps feature

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Google My Business Posts and Add Followers will be very important with this new Google Maps feature

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Google Maps launched a new feature: “Community” feed in the Explore tab of Google Maps.

This new feature will more certainly increase the importance of Google My Business Profile Posts and “Add Followers”.

Why is this update important for your business?

Clues from Google’s statement:

Now, we’re making it easier to find updates and recommendations from trusted local sources with a new community feed in the Explore tab of Google Maps. The feed shows you the latest reviews, photos and posts added to Google Maps“…

…” The community feed brings together helpful local information and tailors it to your selected interests. For example, if you’ve marked an interest in healthy food or Greek cuisine in your Google Maps food and drink preferences, you’ll see more recommendations, photos and business posts for that type of dining. ” …

… “The community feed also helps connect businesses with customers. Over the past year, we’ve seen businesses use their Business Profile on Google to let the world know about their current offerings and operations, like takeout and delivery options, new online services and the safety precautions they’re taking. In early testing of the community feed we saw that posts from merchants are seen two times more than before the feed existed. So now more people can see if a local business is offering a new service, has a limited time specialty or opened outdoor seating.

This new feature will show Google My Business Profile Posts from businesses in that local area,  even those Google Maps users who didn’t take the additional step of following a particular business

Every day, you can come to your feed to see what’s happening in your area. Wondering if your favorite Mexican restaurant has added a new dish to the menu? If you follow them on Maps, you’ll get their updates in your feed.

If your customers follow your Google My Business Profile then they will see any new updates to make on your profile. Whenever you post an offer, a new update, an event, change in the operating hours, etc.

Other features:

  • Users can “Like” posts they find interesting
  • Users can also “Follow” businesses they want to hear more from, each time the business has an update, the user will be able to check it on the “Updates” tab
  • It is not possible to add comments to posts, yes!
  • The feed post and suggestions are not based on where you live or your current location, but rather where you are looking on the map and businesses/places you visited before.


Community Feed Tour Video. Credits Google.

What you must do to take advantage of the “Community Feed”:

More than ever you will have to consider Google My Business Profile Posts and Add Followers as very important features for your business, with the feed Google My Business Profile Posts doubled the number of views than before the feed existed, during a trial.

You should have extra care on your posts and use all types of posts available.

Important tasks:

  • keep updating any changes in hours, attributes, services, products, menu, etc
  • keep adding new photos of your business and staff regularly
  • create a strategy to Add Followers to your listing
  • create attractive weekly offers, business updates posts, events
  • get more Google Reviews

Be remarkable!

I hope this article helped you.

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