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Google My Business released a new Beta Feature – Call History

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Google My Business released a new Beta Feature – Call History

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What is it

This feature has been released in beta, means only a few Google My Business profiles will have it.

At the moment only businesses in the US can avail this option.

According to the official help article, Call History will enable us to keep track of phone calls from your customers on Google Search and Maps. Through your Google My Business account, you should be able to see all calls done by customers, even if you missed them.

If you are one the “lucky” selected to try this feature, you will see the “Try it out” option on the dashboard and receive an email from Google:

If you click on “Try it out”, a pop-up box appears asking you to “Turn on call history”:

How Google My Business Call History Works

Even though your customer will see your number on the listing, when the customer presses the “Call” button on your Google My Business Profile, Google will use a special forward number to track the call and, at the start of a call, you’ll get an automated message: “Call from Google”.  You cannot turn off this automated message you receive when a customer calls you. 

The forward number characteristics:

  • different phone number than the one on your profile.
  • varies based on the location from which it’s dialled
  • when possible, the forwarding number will share the same area code or prefix number as your business. 
  • can also be a local number (but not same area code) in your geographic region
  • if these numbers aren’t available, a toll-free Google forwarding number is used.
  • the toll-free number will rarely be need

The calls details will show up in the “Calls” tab on your Google My Business app (available on the app only).

This section will split/filter calls in “Recent calls”, “Missed calls” and more.

The records will be kept for 45 days.

How to turn On and Off this feature:


16 December 2020 – New Google My Business Call History Report Showing Answered & Missed Calls

Users are seeing this report live in Google My Business under:business.google.com/calls/IDgoeshere

Conclusion on this Google Business Update

Hopefully, this “Call History” feature can be rolled out to all businesses and in more countries, as it can be very useful to track calls and call back customers if you missed a call.

A few questions remain until this feature is released in full, especially if there will be any costs in maintaining the forward number and/or for the service.

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