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Google sends now Business Profile Suspension and Duplicates Email notifications

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Google sends now Business Profile Suspension and Duplicates Email notifications

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Yes, until recently Google would not send an email advising that your Google My Business profile was suspended or you have duplicates. You would only notice that your listing was suspended/has duplicates through warnings in your account upon login.

But due to EU law changes, Google was forced to change the way notifies business owners and started to send these emails, something for most us would appear to be intuitive for them to do it anyway.

And does not affect EU only based businesses, Google decided to roll out to all countries as far I am aware. Only account suspensions (Agencies/10 + locations businesses) notifications are exclusively for Europe.

And yes, you still have the warnings in your account.

New Notifications by Email examples:

Conclusion on this Update

Hopefully, Google will learn the lesson and be more transparent with business owners so they solve these issues as soon as possible, as these issues have a massive impact on Businesses.

Be remarkable!

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