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Google My Business Upgrade: Google Guaranteed

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Google My Business Upgrade: Google Guaranteed

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What is it

Google is trialling offering an upgrade to small business owners’ GMB profiles:  Google Guaranteed Badge!

For certain, this will make your listing stand out and earn you trust from customers.

This badge is not new, it’s a crossover from Google’s Local Service Ads. The participants of the latter receive a Google Badge after being admitted to the program. A similar process for this upgrade, meaning you need to go through a screening and qualification process.

What we know so far:

  • It will cost a flat rate of $50 per month (another subscription)
  • You will receive a “Google Guaranteed” badge.
  • You will need to do a screening and qualification process.
  • Google will provide some  “guarantee on the work”, similar to Google Local Services, by providing compensation to customers if things go wrong and are covered by the terms and conditions of the guarantee. Check here LSA Google Guarantee.
  • This trial phase is only available to very few home service businesses in the US.
  • If you want to know if it is available to you, check your Google My Business dashboard for the invitation.

New updates

A look at the badge approval stages:

24 Nov 2020 – Google Guaranteed badge starting to appear on Google Maps listings:

21 Dec 2020 – Google is offering an annual subscription plan:

Conclusion on this Google Business Update

If Google Guaranteed will be worth it or not, it will depend on the final rules, competition and ROI. Of course, if most of your competitors have a badge you will be pressured to have one as well, otherwise your google my business listing would look odd and not trustworthy.

Also, if you are not Pre-Approved or your business is in Europe or Canada, you can use a shortcut to receive the Google Guaranteed Badge – Just apply for the Google Guarantee program through an LSA account.

I will end with a question, would you contract someone that Google guarantees the work or the one it does not?

Be remarkable!

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