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What is it

Google now is bridging further the online and offline world of shopping. Merging Google Shopping/Google Maps/Google My Business.

The location info comes from Google Maps, the business info comes from Google My Business profile and product info is based from product data uploaded to Google Merchant Center.

With the new capabilities, customers can find items they want to purchase nearby their location. Also, it will advise on local shops offering curbside pick up, for safe shopping. So customers can support small local businesses easily and safely.

Other features:

  • Local businesses opening and closing hours
  • Distance to each store
  • Carousel with products matched up, photos and respective prices
  • Products Availability Filter, in-stock or out-of-stock
  • Driving directions one click way
  • Click to call to confirm product availability, shop hours, etc

So the BOPIS (Buy Online Pickup in Store) features released a few months ago are getting an upgrade to include small local businesses.

Update 01 October 2020: Free Shopping listings will be available across countries in Europe, Asia, and Latin America from mid-October 2020 as confirmed by Google.

How to search for products sold nearby

1. Search “Item”+”nearby” or go to Shopping tab and click on the nearby filter

2. You can check on each listing: availability, operating hours, curbside pickup, distance, driving instructions

Conclusion on this Google My Business Update

Great news for small local businesses! Allows you to compete with ecommerce shops and Big Retailers as a big percentage of shoppers prefer pick up locally from a shop than wait for the delivery of the item.

The only downside, it is time consuming setting up and maintain this feature. As you will need to connect you Google My Business listing with Google Merchant Center and upload your product list to the latter and keep it regularly updated. Tip, do not forget to opt-in to the Surfaces on Google program.

Be Remarkable!


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The latest Google My Business and Local Marketing: News, Updates, Issues Alerts, Training Articles

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