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Google updates Google My Business Posts with Messaging button

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Google updates Google My Business Posts with Messaging button

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What is it

Google started to add a Message button to the posts, I am seeing this when users check your listing on the mobile phone.

I am not sure if it is a test or if Google is rolling out to all listings and devices.

However, I am sure that only businesses with “Messaging” activated can have this new feature. So if you don’t have messaging active, I will show you how you can activate it, but don’t forget to check the “Messaging Guidelines”.

Update 26 November 2020:

I am seeing this feature now on Google Posts section of the Live Google My Business profiles as well. So definitely Google is launching this feature to a wider number of profiles

How to turn on

If you need to know how to turn on messaging, please check this article: Google My Business Messaging is getting a boost

Conclusion on this Google Business Update

You should take advantage of all the ways Google provides to your customers to contact you. Note, that you need to respond to messages within 24 hours.

Be remarkable!

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