You will be able to integrate Your Google My Business with Video Conferencing

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What is it

Google added to some Google My Business profiles the option to integrate your listing with a Video Conferencing Solution provider. However…

Those listings with this option will see it in the dashboard, you will have a new box saying “Connect in real-time, with video. Grow your business and reach more customers, when you use video conferencing providers.”

When you press “Set up now” you can choose between 4 online video chat service providers:

  • Google Meet
  • Webex
  • Skype
  • Zoom

However, when you press on a provider only sends you to that service provider website…

Update 17 September 2020:

Google told Greg Sterling: “This functionality is a further extension of our online services announcement earlier this year. Merchants can already note on their Business Profiles that they offer virtual services and add links for booking online appointments. We’re testing some new functionality to help merchants easily get started with video conferencing providers so they can begin offering virtual services. There’s no change to what’s displayed on the Business Profile.”

Still not a clear explanation, I will keep advising on the developments.

How to

You need to offer your services online, to activate this you go to your GMB’s dashboard and under “Stay Connected during COVID-19” select the type of online service you want to update (Online classes / Online appointments / Online estimates). Check more here.

Conclusion on this Google My Business Update

So I believe this feature was launched half-baked. But this probably means that Google wants to connect Google My Business listings with Online Services end to end.

So customers will probably be able to Set-up the booking on Google and, if video chat is used for that booked service, connect with the local business through the listing.

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