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Is Google My Business getting a helping hand from Crowdsourcing?

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Is Google My Business getting a helping hand from Crowdsourcing?

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What is it

Google is testing a new crowdsourcing app called Task Mate. Google will pay people to complete tasks, per example taking photos of shopfronts!

The “take photos of shopfronts” task advises the following about it’s purpose: “This will help improve mapping services and bring businesses in your local area online

It’s purpose decoded

Concerning Google My Business, I believe Google wants to achieve at least these 3 purposes:

  • Help root out some of the spammy Google My Business profiles using fake addresses and private home addresses.
  • Create new GMB profiles for newly discovered businesses.
  • Add new current photos of businesses so customers can have a better representation of how the business looks like.


There are restrictions at the moment:

  • The app is only available in India
  • You will need an invitation code to sign up
  • You will be paid in your local currency once reviewers approve your completed task.

Conclusion on this Google Business Update

Hopefully, this app will start to be available across the world and help the good fight against Google My Business spam/fake profiles.

For more Google My Updates, check my Google My Business Updates Timeline.

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