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New Google My Business Food Orders Section

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New Google My Business Food Orders Section

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Google added a new Food Orders Button and Section to a few Google My Business Profiles.

It’s known that a few months ago, Google purchased the ordering.app to help small local food business accepting online orders easily.

Now, Google added to some Google My Business profiles a new button: Food Orders.

When you click on it, you can see a message about “Foods orders with The ordering.app and a button “Get started”.

Conclusion on this Google Business Update

Google is trying to get more customers to its new product with this new section and no fees until 2022.

I can assume that after you sign up to this ordering system all your food orders through them will start to appear on the new “Food orders” section.

Hopefully, Google will explain soon more about this new feature.

I’m releasing a training module on how to use The ordering.app with your Google My Business Profile in my Google My Business Training -GMBpedia.

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