You can add “More hours” to your Google My Business

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What is it

Google is giving you now more flexibility to create different hours to the different you provide. It has been a long time waiting for this feature.

Also, to reflect current times you can select hours for seniors, online operating hours and pickup.

Before you can set up “More hours” feature, you will need first to set your regular hours.

How to

How to setup “More hours” in your Google My Business Profile

1. Sign in to your Google My Business


2. Go to the “Info” section

On the left-hand side menu, you click on “Info”


3. Find “More hours” feature and press on the pencil

This feature should be under the regular hours and when you press the pencil to edit this feature a pop box opens.


4. Select the specific services or specials with different operating hours

Each time you select an option automatically asks you to set the hours for that option.


5. Set the hours for each specific service or special required

You can choose days of the week that are applicable by sliding the button to “On”, you can then choose the operating hours and even set up multiple hour intervals per day. Finish each schedule by clicking on “Continue”


6. After adding all hours, press on “Apply”


7. Check “More hours” on your Google My Business Profile

On your profile click on “More hours”

Conclusion on this Google My Business Update

Now you can provide better information to your clients before visiting you. Creates trust and better customer service.

I can see making a difference to supermarkets, restaurants, car dealers and many others with different services operating different hours of the main business.

Be Remarkable!


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