How to contact Google My Business Support [Updated Dec 2020]

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Google My Business support is getting more and more elusive… You cannot call them directly anymore and Social Media Support Channels are closed during the pandemic. So how can you contact GMB support or get help?

1. Phone Support,Chat support and Email support

At the moment you can use Phone Support (“Get a call”), Chat support and Email support to contact Google Support directly. All these options are accessed through Google My Business “Contact Us” form:

Method 1 (Recommended)

Google My Business “Contact Us” Form

How to use Google My Business “Contact Us” Form

  1. Go to»
  2. On step 1 “Let’s get started” explain your issue in a word or a few wordsand press on “Next Step”
  1. On step 2 “Confirm issue” you should select one match issue option. A “Recommended” section appears beneath and you should bypass this section and press on “Next Step”
  1. On step 3 “Contact options” please choose “Chat” or “Email”

Method 2

Google My Business “Contact Us” Formthrough Google My Business Dashboard

2. Social Media Support Channels (Temporarily Closed)



3. Google My Business Community Help Forum

Even though this help forum “resides” on Google, it’s a peer-to-peer managed community and Google employees will not respond to your questions there.

However, in this community you can post any question and it will be answered by GMB Product Experts (a program that I am part of). They can also escalate issues and cases to Google Support.

You can access the Google My Business Community Help Forum here:

New thread:»

Main Page:

4. Professor M Private Help Group and Live Q&As

If you sign up for my Google My Business Training: GMB Empower, you will have access to my private Facebook Group and Live Q&As to answer all your questions.

Google My Business Support Tips:

  • Fill out in full the support requests with the requested information in the email contact form.
  • Use screenshots or videos to demonstrate the issue. On screenshots, include the timestamp when possible to aid the team in troubleshooting the action.
  • Be sure to exclude any unrelated or sensitive information, such as filenames or personal information of others.
  • If you submit a request for an issue that impacts multiple listings, organise your listings in a spreadsheet.
  • Do not submit duplicate requests. Repeated requests for the same issue creates confusion in communications and waste time.

Google My Business Support FAQ:

What is Google My Business Support Contact Phone Number?

Unfortunately, as of 11th November 2019, Google closed the customer support phone number . However, you can ask a call back or use any of the other contact methods advised on this page to receive help.

I sent an email but still waiting to hear back from Google My Business Support?

If you have waited for 7 days, you should reply back to the autoresponder with the case number and Google Support should contact you back within 48 hours.

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The latest Google My Business and Local Marketing: News, Updates, Issues Alerts, Training Articles

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