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What Is The Best Google Business Profile (Google My Business) Training?

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What Is The Best Google Business Profile (Google My Business) Training?

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Is there a best Google Business Profile (Google My Business)? Of course, there is!

GBPedia has the best Google Business Profile (Google My Business) training resources, but not only that, it’s the most effective as well.

Even though I may be biased, I am not the only one saying that!

What Makes It The Best Google Business Profile Training

When you look at other training resources either free or paid you noticed some of the information is outdated or wrong information, meaning the material is not updated regularly.

There is a reason why, their main revenue is not from Google Business Profile training so understandably they spend more time on their main activities that generate most of their revenue.

Google Business Profile Training has to be effective

What makes an effective training program? Human beings only retain 10% of what they are taught.

So you need training with these characteristics:

  • A skilled and effective trainer
  • Updated and relevant learning content
  • Creative ideas for training initiatives
  • High-quality program management
  • Easy access
  • Multimedia Training Content (audio, graphs, diagrams, texts, video, images)

And GBPedia delivers in above aspects, in the same order:

  • Professor M is
    • In Google Product Expert Program Since November 2019
    • A Top Contributor in Google My Business Help Forum
    • Quora’s Google My Business Most Viewed Writer (Over 100K content views)
    • Digital Boost Volunteer
  • Daily updates, new content added weekly and daily research for new training material
  • Q&A session recordings, Exclusive Podcast and Newsletter content, Content request/feedback form
  • Created and maintained by an Award-Winning Expert
  • E-learning – you only need an internet connection to access the Courses and Guide
  • There is no shortage of audio, graphs, diagrams, texts, video, images content

Affordable Google Business Profile Training

Specialized training like GBPedia– normally costs from high hundreds to thousands and there are good reasons why,  with the time spent and quality of the material.

But Google Business Profile has a Global reach, therefore I wish that my training can help people around the world and that’s why the access is affordable.

Shorten Learning Curve

Normally it takes years of experience dealing with Google Business Profile issues, a multitude of optimizations testing,  reading thousands of articles and case studies, watching hours of videos, listening to podcasts…

Saves you time looking for guidance/solution on Google, Youtube, etc, especially when the guidance /solution found is wrong – precious time that can be spent on your business, family, hobbies.

Protects your business on Google, as if you follow all the guidance on GBPedia your chances of getting suspended diminish drastically and if you get suspended it should be much easier to reinstate.

You could shorten your learning curve through GBPedia’s Google Business Profile Course.

Still Be Able to Use Day to Day

Not many humans have eidetic memory so we need to get constant knowledge refresher or know where to find that knowledge quickly and easily, and Google Business Profile Guide on GBPedia is great for this. You can use it as a reference guide for day to day use, no need to try to remember everything.

Conclusion on the best Google Business Profile Training

With all reasons presented above is not difficult to argue that GBPedia has the best Google Business Profile ( Google My Business)Training resources, at least at present. There is no other training, course, or guide that comes closer to it.

If you are going to invest the time and money required to learn all about Google Business Profile, it’s a good idea to pick the right one.

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