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In this guide for small local businesses, I am going to guide you through the creation of a Google My Business free website for your business.

Google knows that websites help businesses gain trust, customers prefer local businesses with websites but many small local businesses don’t have the resources (money and/or know-how) to create their business’ website.

So they built an easy way for businesses to create a simple one-page website that is responsive (works well on mobile devices) and uses automatically much of the information and photos of your Google My Business Listing.

I am starting with how to create, then what you can edit, how to manage it and in the last part I included many FAQ.

How to create a free website in Google My Business

You have  2 ways of creating the website, depending if you already claimed or not your Google My Business profile.

Total Time: 30 minutes

Step 1a – Create your site during your Business listing setup

If you haven’t claimed yet your listing, please check my article guiding you through the process: How to add a business to Google. When you’re claiming your Business Listing,  in one of the last steps of your registration process, you’ll have the option to create a free website based on your information.

Step 1b –You already have a Google My Business Listing

If you already claimed your business listing, you need to sign into your Google My Business’ profile. In the menu on the left, click the Website tab to create your website.

Step 2 –Edit Your New Website

Edit your website,  using the panel on the left side of the screen to select which part of your site to edit. See more about editing in the next section.

Step 3 –Publish your Google My Business Website

After, you finish editing. Click the Publish button on the top right of the screen

Step 4 –Your site is published and on the World Wide Web!

Get ready to receive online visitors

What and how can you edit your Google My Business Site?

The changes to your website need to be performed in the “Website” section of your account and you will need to use the panel on the left side of the screen to select which part you wish to edit. 

However, much of the information will be fed from your listing info: address, phone number, posts, reviews, etc and automatically are updated whenever you update your business details or post or receive new reviews… Good thing as it takes much of the pain in making sure your website is kept updated.

You still can add and change things in your site, just go to the website section and let’s start edit your site through the special menu:


When you click on the “Themes” option on the menu, a side panel opens with different theme options.

 Each theme has a different colour scheme and font, click on the different themes and check how each affects your site in the right-hand side preview screen.

Choose your prefered look for your site and press on the checkmark:

Edit Options

After you choose your theme, it is time to edit the remaining options.

Primary Button

The first item is the Primary button, here you will choose what type of call to action button you want:

In other words, here you choose what will happen  when someone visits your Google My Business Site and clicks on the top main button (normally called call-to-action button):

You need to choose one of the button options that appear to you, the number of options can go up to 9 but  it will depend on your business category and business information provided, below you find all the options possible:

  • Get directions – This button when clicked opens Google Maps with directions to your business location
  • Call now – This button when clicked it will place a phone call to your business, normally works best for mobile phones, but this option can be used also on desktop users as the call can be placed through skype, facetime, etc
  • Get quote – This button opens a Google Messaging’s form so customers can inquire about your services. You’ll be notified by email when a customer reaches out to you
  • Make appointment – This button opens the link to your appointments page
  • Message us (SMS) – This button sends a SMS message to your phone number. Make sure the number is a mobile phone that can receive SMS messages. Of course, it works best for mobile phones.
  • Message us (WhatsApp) – This button sends a WhatsApp message to your mobile phone number. Make sure you have WhatsApp installed to receive messages
  • View menu – This button opens a link to your menu choice (mainly Food & Beverages categories) 
  • Find table – This button opens a link of your reservation page or opens Google messaging if it is active  (mainly Food & Beverages categories) 
  • Place order – This button opens the link to place an order (mainly Food & Beverages categories)

You can preview what a button does by publishing and viewing your site.

Text fields

Next, you have the text fields for Headline, Description, Summary header and Summary Body:

  • Headline
    • You can write up to 80 characters
    • It will be shown in big text at the top of the site
    • You should add your main product/service + City/Village/Town, you can add pizazz but don’t be too salesy. Examples: Trendy Coffee Shop in Manchester; 24/7 Plumber in Galway; Great Collection of Tiles in Newcastle;
  • Description:
    • You can write up to 140 characters
    • It will be shown underneath the headline at the top of the site
    • Expand your headline here, describing your business in one line, again don’t be too salesy. Examples: Organic Coffee, Fresh Pastry and Free Wi-Fi; Emergency Home Calls. No Plumbing Job is too small; Beautiful tiles for your home or commercial premises. Bathrooms/Floors/Walls/Kitchen;
  • Summary header:
    • you can write up to 40 characters
    • This text will be shown in the middle of the site in a grey box, between Testimonials and Gallery’s areas.
    • You should add your main category here. Examples: Our Coffee Shop; Our Plumbing Services; Our Tile Company;
    • If you leave this field blank, Google adds to your site automatically “About Us”
  • Summary body:
    • No limit in characters but you should not go over 1000
    • It will be shown underneath the summary header
    • Here you can be a little more salesy and offer relevant information: how long you have been open; your experience; your story; type of food, products, services; stress qualities such as dependability, response times, experience, or value; etc;
    • Add links to other pages, such as an online ordering or reservation system, your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram page, or other pages where customers can learn more about your business.
    • Add phone number for quotes or reservations
    • Add a call to action text at the end. Example: We are waiting to give you a very warm welcome; Contact us now for a quick quote or Emergency Repairs; Visit us to check our tiles and speak with our knowledgeable staff
    • Make good use of the text editor available in this text field


When you press on this button, a pop-up box opens for you to upload photos. 

You can use it to upload photos to Google My Business, but you should use the “Photos” main tab, located in the primary menu on the left as you will have more control and updates the site as well.


In this section, you will be able to:

  • Update your site name,
  • Unpublish/Publish your site, basically turn on/off your site for public access
  • You can change your site Language

It’s now published

As you can see, it is not very difficult to change and create a Google My Business’ Website. Even though you cannot change much or have the freedom to arrange sections or add new sections, products or services. Its simplicity can be actually good for very small local businesses or new businesses to start their online presence without the initial cost. 

This site is responsive and modern so it will elevate your business online presence, however, it should not be seen as a substitute for a good custom website. If you can now or further down the line,  you should invest in creating your own custom website or pay someone to do it.

If you already have a website, I recommend publishing the GMB’s site as it will not hurt your ranking, it can actually improve your chances.

Hopefully, Google will release more options and give more freedom when creating a site through Google My Business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Pros of the Google My Business Website?

It’s free, simple and clean structure, aesthetic pleasing, easy to edit, updates automatically the changes were done to the listing,  and responsive (works well in Smartphones, Tablets and PCs).

What are the Cons of the Google My Business Website?

You cannot change sections order, add sections, add services or add products.
The themes are limited, in turn also limits the colours and fonts available, so not as much freedom as you can when building your own site.
You cannot sell directly from the site, in other words, you cannot receive payments or create an eCommerce site. But as Google Shopping features are ramping up, Google may release such features.

What is updated automatically?

If you change or add items in your Google My Business Listing, it will automatically update the following:
– Business name
– Address /Map position
– Phone
– Operation hours
– Reviews
– Posts
– Photos
– Menu (Restaurants/Bars)

Is Google My Business Listing Website really free?

Yes, it is, at least for now. You can buy a custom domain if you wish so, check here.

My Google My Business website is not showing?

You should check if it is published:
1. Sign in to Google My Business
2. Click on “Website” from the menu on the left
3. Click the Publish button on the top right of the screen

Can I use a previously bought domain for my Google My Business Site?

How can I add the website link to the listing?

If the website is not linked already, follow these steps:
1. Sign in to Google My Business
2. Click on “Website” from the menu on the left
3. Copy your site URL address  at the top of the page
4. Then, click on “Info” from the menu on the left
5. Go to the “Website” section, press the edit button
6. Paste your site URL into the pop-up box and click apply

Where do I find the URL address of my Google My Business website?

To get the URL address, follow these steps:
1. Sign in to Google My Business
2. Click on “Website” from the menu on the left
3. Your site URL address is at the top of the page and should be something like

Can you sell your products/services through Google My Business site?

No, you cannot as there is no facility for payments or show the products/services. But as Google Shopping features are ramping up, Google may release such features.

How to show my products/services in your Google My Business site?

Check question above

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