Best marketing strategies for Local business Part 1

Professor M
Professor M

Professor & Expert in Local Marketing, Local Google Search, Google My Business, Word of Mouth Marketing

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Be Omnichannel – You need to provide an omnichannel approach with a strong presence in both online and offline. Many studies show that 90% of people look online for information about a local business, and most make the purchase offline.

So you need a website and a Google My Business listing for people to find more information about your business before they decide to contact or visit you.

Facebook/Instagram/etc – Social media is very important to engage with current clients and provide customer service.

Your face to face customer journey has to be memorable and straightforward for your customers:

  • If you have a physical place of business, it should be well thought about how it looks outside, looks inside, to make it easy for customers to buy and provide as much personalisation as possible.
  • If you visit your customers, you should look presentable and according to your profession, be personable, not pushy, respect customers boundaries, provide as much personalisation as possible

Your website could provide options for your local clients to purchase online and pick up at the store or get the item delivered at their address, giving choice to customers how they want to deal/purchase from you.

Be remarkable!

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