Passion and Purpose Part 1

Professor M
Professor M

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Many people/advisers tell passion and purpose is not a good reason to start a successful business.

I disagree!

What is a successful business?

One that is owner operated, where a sole trader or a family or couple manages a small local business that offers the community a way to acquire essential goods, easier for older people to access those goods, provide some credit to local people when these are going through tough times, help communities create a better environment and supports local events and sports. And they make enough to have a home, be healthy and provide for their children.

Or a business created to make money so that he/she can be millionaire, buy a big house, a big boat, an expensive car. Sell that business so can retire younger or create other businesses to make more money. Let’s say that happens, yeah millionaire! Now what? You find out money does not bring happiness as much as helping others and create community ties, scientifically proven, 10% versus 40%.

I know which I prefer, I know which is better, but everyone is different and all opinions can be voiced. I believe in long term Passion and Purpose will prevail!

Be remarkable!

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