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This blog post will be updated frequently! As the answer is a never-ending story.

First, if you look up at a dictionary you will find that the term ‘marketing’ first appeared in dictionaries in the sixteenth century where it referred to the process of buying and selling at a market.

So why now it has a different connotation? Because Marketing as a discipline only exists so egomaniacs could claim they created marketing.

Let’s be clear, Marketing is not advertising (advertising is just a small part of it), Marketing is present in everything your business does. Marketing is present in areas like pricing, how you deal with clients, how the shop/office looks, how you make your clients feel… just to name a few

So yes, sales department should not exist as they currently exist and current sales people are actually marketeers, because the real sales department and sales people are those who only process the sales, like the staff at cash register in coffee shops or the cashiers in the supermarkets .

Because Sales is a number (I sold 3 cars) and selling is the act to create a transaction from the vendor to the buyer in exchange of money/something of known monetary value. Again, dictionary definition: give or hand over (something) in exchange for money.

Why do we have sales people, sales department, selling techniques? Because of the industrial revolution. We started to create a lot of supply of many things that need to be sold to create profits and pay for more supply. The industrialists found a way: get people to find consumers for their products.

But industrialists didn’t want to pay wages to people in case they weren’t very good. So they contracted people and paid them on a commission basis-only for each sale. Now the number of sales is the most important number, important to the industrialist and important to person trying to sell the product. So what would you call a person that need to sell products to earn a living?

However, the things you do, say, show are actually part of marketing and not selling, as I showed the latter is just a transaction process.

If I expand the dictionary definition, Marketing is the process of creating opportunities for clients to engage with your business and show them why they should buy from you, that hopefully will lead to the selling of your products/services.

Be remarkable!

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