Professor M is the legitimate owner of the official site, the domain of which can be found at Where you can buy and pay for attending courses, workshops, training, subscriptions, consultancy, local marketing related products and services or any other products and services we have or will have in the future.

These terms and conditions govern the use of the sites and purchases/reservations made with Professor M.

The website is intended to promote its services, so the reproduction, transfer, distribution or storage of Professor M’s online content without prior written permission is prohibited for any other purpose.

We are strongly committed to ensuring that the information presented on is free of typographical errors and will correct them as soon as possible whenever they occur.

The customer must provide one or more contact details, which are correct and complete, and in so doing they accept Professor M’s Privacy Policy, which we use to contact them to maintain the business relationship.

By booking/ purchasing one of our products and services, you agree to accept the Terms and Conditions described below.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully.

Changes to these Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time. Any changes are effective immediately upon posting to the site. Your continued use of the Site constitutes your agreement to such Terms and Conditions.

Your Responsibilities

To reserve/purchase a product or service from us, you must be at least 16 years of age and have the legal capacity to enter into binding contracts.

It is not allowed to post inappropriate content or comments, or that violate the general rights of public order, which we reserve the right to delete.

Do not use false identities.

Gives us your correct personal data and correct addresses so that we can process properly in our business dealings.

The customer is solely responsible for the accuracy of the personal data communicated to us and undertakes to enter or update any changes through his / her registration account at or or another subdomain belongs to Professor M.

Professor M disclaims any liability for any delay or inability to process the purchase/reservation due to error or insufficiency of the data communicated by the customer.

Availability of services, products, courses, workshops, subscriptions

Any reservation/purchase of products and services made through this Site or other means is subject to the availability of the product or service in question. We reserve the right to refuse any individual or company or refuse any reservation/purchase on any of our products or services.

In the event of non-confirmation of payment or non-compliance with these General Terms and Conditions, Professor M reserves the right not to accept your reservation/purchase or to cancel it in whole or in part even after automatic confirmation.


Products and Services

All Products and Services, including marketing services, Google My Business services, Webdesign, any other product, any other service, courses, workshops and training and consulting. Except for subscriptions to our Service Packs or Active Management Services

The main payment methods are accepted: credit card or other available methods.

Full payment is due upon booking/purchase of any product or service. Cash payments are not acceptable. Only full payment guarantees the service acquired, a place in courses, workshops, product shipments or contracted consulting services.

Payments by debit, credit, PayPal will have to be made when booking/purchasing the products or services on our website.

Payments by bank transfer must be made within 48h after booking/purchasing the product or service on the website, in case of non-confirmation of payment or non-compliance with the 48h deadline. Professor M reserves the right not to accept your reservation/purchase or to cancel it in whole or in part.

For last-minute bookings and within 48 hours of the start of the course, workshop, training, full payment must be made by credit card or PayPal.

Professor M Subscriptions for Service Packs and Active Management Services

Annual payment of subscriptions the main payment methods accepted are: bank transfer, credit card, any other available method.

Monthly payment of subscriptions is accepted by credit card only.

Payments by bank transfer must be made within 48h after the purchase of the subscription (s) on our website in case of non-confirmation of payment or non-compliance with the 48h term. Professor M reserves the right not to accept your reservation/purchase or to cancel it in whole or in part.

Monthly credit and debit card subscription payments may take 7 business days to become effective, if you or your bank/credit card institution declines/cancels your monthly payments, you will have 48 hours to resolve and pay for any missing memberships. In case of non-confirmation of payment or non-compliance with the deadline 48h. Professor M reserves the right to cancel all or part of the subscriptions.

Automatic subscription renewal

For convenience, your subscription will be automatically renewed at the rates in effect at the time of renewal, respecting the payment method chosen. You will be informed in advance via email or letter that your subscription will be renewed for a new period. If you do not want this option, please contact us 10 working days before your subscription ends.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellation of Services

Includes services for Google My Business, website building, and ad-hoc services or any other services we have or will have. Except for subscriptions to our Service Packs or Active Management Services

After contracting / purchasing the services, you can cancel the services up to 14 days after the purchase / contracting, but if we have already started and / or completed the contracted service (s), the refund may be total, partial or there will be no place to refund, we analyse what has already been done and send you our analysis to confirm whether there will be a refund and if so, what the refund amount will be.

If you cancel the service, there will be an administration fee of € 50.

Cancellation of Course, Workshop, Training Cancellation

• A full refund will be given for cancellations made more than 5 business days prior to the start date of the Course, Workshop, Training.

• For cancellations made within 3-5 business days prior to the start date of the Course, Workshop, Training, a 50% fee will apply.

• For cancellations made 2 business days or less prior to the start date of the Course, Workshop, Training, a 100% cancellation fee will apply.

• No refunds will be made to customers who do not attend Course, Workshop, Training classes or who do not complete the Course, Workshop, Training.

Course, Workshop, Training Transfers or Reschedule

Companies and individuals can replace participants prior to the start of the course without additional payment. The transfer or reschedule of the Course, Workshop, Training requires email notification to be received by Professor M more than 5 business days prior to the course start date.

Professor M reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any Course, Workshop, Training at any time. In the unlikely event of cancellation, the amount paid will be refunded. Professor M also reserves the right to reschedule the start dates of all Courses, Workshops, Training and, if necessary, vary the content. Except as expressly indicated, all amounts paid are non-refundable. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information on the site, it may be subject to change or a subsequent change in light of policy changes, Course updates, Workshop, Training or other restrictions.

Unsubscribe from Professor M Subscriptions for Service Packs and Active Management Services:

After purchasing the subscription, the customer has 14 days to freely terminate the contract as it is a subscription that gives them access to exclusive digital content, they will only have to pay for the days they used the subscription. In this case, the amounts paid minus the days used will be refunded if the amounts paid for the subscription are higher than the days used value. For example, if you cancel 5 days after purchasing the subscription, the amounts paid minus 5 days of use will be returned.

After the free resolution period, the customer can cancel his subscription at any time by contacting Professor M via email. The subscription will be cancelled from the date the paid period ends and no further fees will be charged. Subscription fees will not be refunded for periods already paid.

Physical Product Order Cancellation

The customer has the right to freely terminate a new contract, without giving the reason, within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of his order. To exercise your right of free termination, it is sufficient for you to communicate your decision to terminate the contract by means of a clear statement, for example by sending an email.

Upon receipt of the order, the customer must return it within 14 days from the date on which he informed Professor M of the free termination of the contract and that he must comply with the following conditions:

Support Material, Videos, Files, Courses, Workshops and Training Material in your online account

You will have access to Support Material, Videos, Files, course, workshop and training material without time limit.

You will have a username and password to facilitate your login to the support material. Your username and password are personal and may not be transferred to another person without the prior written consent of Professor M. If your username and password is used by someone else and in the case of Support Material, Videos, Files, course material, workshop, training being accessed by third parties to whom you have provided your username and password, Professor M may cancel your subscription without obligation to refund any fees.

Conditions applicable to promotional codes (coupons)

If you are the holder of a coupon issued by Professor M or partners or affiliates, at the time of purchase, enter their code to redeem it.

When used according to set rules, a promotion code entitles you to a promotion or discount for the purchase of a specific product or set of products during the period indicated/associated with the promotional code or campaign, promotion.

Promotional codes may only be used for online purchases made on the site. The sale, publication in other media, exchange or donation of a promotional code is not permitted.

Use of a promotional code is subject to one use per purchase only.

Promotional codes cannot be redeemed for cash and will not be refunded after the expiration date or other limits.


Product and service prices include taxes.

Will depend on your country and under European law selling services to:

-Businesses with VAT registration number and established in another EU country, we do not need to charge VAT under reverse charge rule.

-Business establish outside of EU, no VAT is charged.

-Businesses established in Ireland, there is a 23% VAT rate added to the final price.

– Businesses with no VAT registration number and established in another EU country, you are considered a final consumer under European law, according to this, the sale of services to the final consumer in another EU country should be charged VAT to customers at the rate applicable in the seller’s country of residence, in this case Ireland. In Ireland there is a 23% VAT rate added to the final price.

In the case of courses, workshops, training are exempt from VAT under the EU reverse-charge mechanism for companies providing the VAT registration number. If companies or individual clients or sole traders are not registered under the VAT scheme, the VAT to be charged is Irish, in which case courses, workshops, training are exempt from VAT under the Value-Added Tax Consolidation Act 2010 (VATCA). 2010) Ref, Section: – Schedule: 1 Paragraph: 4 (3).

For consulting and products, the VAT rate should be advised on their invoices.

Intellectual Property and Use of Site Material and Third Party Websites

All texts, comments, images and videos reproduced or represented on the website or third party sites, such as social networks, youtube, partners, are strictly reserved under copyright as well as intellectual property rights.

Any reproduction or representation in whole or in part of Professor M’s website content or content on third party websites, in whole or in part, of the elements included therein is strictly prohibited.

The company names, trademarks and distinctive signs reproduced on the website is protected under the legal provisions applicable to industrial property. Reproduction or representation of all or part of any distinctive signs is strictly prohibited and must be subject to prior written permission by Professor M.

If you wish to use Professor M information or materials you need to obtain prior written permission from Professor M.

Complaints and Dispute Resolution

The website’s complaint system is available via email contact: contact @ googlemybusinessexperts .com, indicating: name, email, telephone contact and description of the complaint.

Professor M undertakes to make every effort to deal with complaints and satisfy the consumer within 2 business days of receiving the complaint by e-mail.

You can also access ODR – Online Dispute Resolution, an online platform developed by EU


Professor M reserves the right to change, limit or terminate the features inherent in his website at any time, provided that they do not imply purchase agreements already entered into.

Although Professor M strives to provide a service without technical problems, its use may eventually be limited and / or temporarily discontinued in the event of maintenance, upgrades or other problems.

Professor M makes every effort to maintain service availability and the absence of technical issues on the website.

Applicable Law

The Terms and Conditions for all purposes will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Ireland. You and Professor M agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Irish Courts. The venue and implementation of this agreement will be Ireland.

Data Protection

Professor M has always been committed to building a trust-based community. We recently updated our Privacy Policy to clarify how we use, process and protect your personal information in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Our updated privacy policy includes more details about:

• the information we collect;

• how we process this information;

• how we store data;

• your data rights.

Read our full Privacy Policy here.

Contact us:

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by providing your name, address and phone number and details to our email contact @